The hottest thing to happen to wood since fire!

Hot-Woods™ LLC does one thing:  We make wood better.

What is the greatest problem faced by wood product manufacturers in all industries?  It is how do you get the best combination of beautiful material, strength and stability to satisfy ever increasing demands from your customers?  The answer is found in Hot-Woods' thermally midified wood products.

Hot-Woods is your patented manufacturer of thermally modified wood and wood products.

Hot-Woods LLC has been assigned the exclusive rights to patent number 8,555,521 B2 which protects the use of thermally modified wood for a wide range of uses.

Hot-Woods LLC currently supplies thermally modified wood for:

  • Finished gunstocks and gunstock blanks
  • Decking and flooring
  • Musical instruments
  • YOUR unique needs

What we can do for you.

Your customers demand the best that they can get from your wood products. Contact us and we will show you how Hot-Woods thermally modified wood gives you that edge.

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